Team Cleaning means work simplification and redistribution. The use of this system ensures less body stress on our janitorial and maintenance crew which lowers fatigue and greatly increases the quality of work. It also has an easier to understand method and improves overall productivity amongst our janitorial and maintenance staff.

The core of this cleaning approach is assigning duties to each Specialist on a team. A maintenance team can be anywhere from one to seven members who work together to achieve one goal.

There are some unique tools that aid in the management of daily work and support efficient workflow; Quadrant design and Job Assignment Cards. Quadrants designs are utilized to rotate detail cleaning jobs. For example, Monday through Friday has a detail quad and the 1st through the 4th Friday is used for some type of project cleaning.

There are four Specialists disciplines:

  • Light Duty Specialists
  • Vac Specialists
  • Restroom Specialists
  • Utility Specialists

Team Cleaning brings quality and efficiency to the cleaning of your commercial facility. Our quality control system through Team Clean insures we catch the concerns before our clients.